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Collaboration for continent wellness

nitiatives in the America continent for collaboration to support research, development and innovation is important and diverse. Thanks to the partnership between the National Research and Education Networks (NRENS), mainly between RedCLARA (Latin America and Caribe), Internet2 (USA) and CANARIE (Canadá). 

The interaction search the leverage of projects and research actions addressed to continental interests with a strong necessity of HPC ressources and advanced computing knowledge.

In a first stage, the partnership is proposed between HPC systems in the three regions: SCALACXSEDE and ComputeCanada. However, all actions are open for other actors (national or regional centres (TACC/USA, LNCC/Brazil, CINVESTAV-ABACUS/Mexico, CENAT/Costa Rica, SC3UIS/Colombia), associations (ACM, IEEE), DoE laboratories (ORNL, Argonne),  Enterprises (NVIDIA, HPE, Intel),  NSF centres and so on) in a open and non-profit partnership. The main goal is to integrate efforts in a community to reach achievements for Americas interests supported by HPC. 

These proposed actions are:

– Support for access to HPC ressources

– Accompaniment fo strategic partnership support and mediation for international actions

– Support for training and Outreach