Actions to improve capacities and skills

The Americas HPC Collaboration partnership supports different kind of activities. As non-profit action, the main goal is to improve collaboration and interaction between actors of the advanced computing community (and users) in the Americas.

BoF Supercomputing Conference Series

Since 2015, the Bird of Feathers goal is to join the different actors in partnership around HPC and Advanced computing projects, showing the current state of the art in continental collaboration in HPC, latest developments of regional collaborative networks and, to update the roadmap for the next years for the Americas HPC partnerships.


By 2021, the different actors and institutions of the Americas HPC Collaboration offer free of charge e-courses and webminars addressed to HPC community and users. At same time, the support from tutorials and specific training in concrete events and courses. (More Information soon).

BoF CARLA Series

By 2021, in the #CARLA2021, the Latin American Conference on HPC ( the partnership will be open the first BoF in CARLA. (More information soon)

e-Meeting TICAL Series

TICAL is the Advanced Computing Conference of the NREs and NRIs in the continent. By 2021, Amercias HPC collaboration will be part with a first e-meeting between different actors, with the participation of RedCLARA, Internet2 and CANARIE. More Information soon.

Call for HPC Resources

The use of different ressources of the Americas systems (SCALAC, U.S. DOE, ComputeCanada) will be open in different categories. The call for projects will be explained soon.


Different activities in national or regional conferences, workshops and specific events will be supported by the Americas HPC Collaboration. More Information soon.